Tame Your Mane!

With the heat setting in and the humidity ever present you’re bound to head for frizz city! That’s okay
we know of some products and treatments that might help…

For the lovely ladies with thick frizzy/ curly hair. Do you dream of it being straight without having to
spend hours with your flat iron? Introducing KERASTRAIGHT It is completely formaldehyde free and
humidity resistant! This treatment will also repair the bonds in your hair through protein to protect and
hydrate while making it silky smooth.

For those with greasy hair the summer is the worst! What if I told you, a cold rinse on your scalp can
help solve the problem? Cold water helps to close the pores after they have been cleansed. Doing this
allows for less sebum to be produced. Now, if you want extra grease protection our
GREASE LIGHTNING essential oil treatment should do the trick. This treatment includes tea tree oil
which is a proven sebum inhibitor. Did I mention this treatment is 100% organic! It is also sensitive skin

No matter your hair type we will have a treatment for you. So don’t let the humidity get you this

If you’ve gotten a service done and you have Instagram we would love
to see your pictures! Please tag us @look.hair.studio

We can’t wait to see you!

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