Thinning Hair Treatments



Supported by 4 patents, PHYTOLIUM 4 associates 4 actions to help strengthen and thicken hair.

1. HELPS KEEP THE HAIR LOOKING HEALTHY: Thanks to CAPICELLPRO, a BIOTECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION associating 2 active ingredients : the shiitake mushroom, called the carrier of life, thanks to its anti-oxidant virtues and wild apple stem cells that protect hair from external damages.
2. PROTECTS THE HAIR SHAFT: thanks to the synergy of serenoa extract and essential oils purifying properties of the hair environment.
3. STRENGTHENS HAIR: solanum glycoproteins tonify hair for revitalizing action
4. ADDS DENSITY TO HAIR: the combined action of grapeseed procyanidins and essential oil of cananga offers density and vigor to the hair.

Specially designed for weakend hair in women, Phytocyane combines the advantages of the revitalizing serum and the virtues of a cosmetic hair product.

The synergy of sulphured amino acids , viburnum and ginkgo bilboa extracts help reveal the femininity of the hair.
The grapeseed procyanidins protect the hair fiber from the oxidation damages and contributes to the revitalization of the hair
Rich in B vitamins and silk proteins, PHYTOCYANE adds density and shine to the hair without weighing it down or making it oily.
From the first applications, volume and resistance are restored.

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